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Some General Information regarding contributions, transfers and loans.

A contribution is money or anything of value given to a political committee to promote or assist in promoting the success or defeat of a candidate, political party, or question. A contribution can be made by any individual or by an entity, including a corporation or other business entity, a political club, a federal committee, or a labor union.

A transfer is a monetary contribution made by one political committee  to another. For example: a PAC may transfer money to a candidate committee. In addition, the law allows an out-of-state political committee to transfer money to a Maryland political committee if the out-of-state committee is properly registered with its own state‚Äôs election authority. Federal committees are not considered out-of-state political committees and therefore cannot make transfers but can make contributions. 

A loan is a permissible way for a campaign to receive funds. There is no limit on the amount of money that can be loaned to the campaign. However, unless the loan is executed properly and paid off in a timely manner, the loan will be converted into a contribution.

A person may contribute directly or indirectly no more than $6,000 to one political committee, and a total of $24,000 to all political committees, during the four-year cycle.

The $6,000 limit on contributions to the political committee of a candidate applies regardless of the number of offices sought by the candidate in separate elections during the 4 year election cycle or the number of authorized candidate committees formed to support the candidate, including slates.

A  political committee may transfer no more than $6,000 to another political committee during the four (4) year cycle.  There is no aggregate limit.

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