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Slate Committee Name:  Team 32 Slate          
CCF ID:   02008748 Status:   Active Established Date:  05/16/2007 End Date:    
Election Participation
Election TypeParty AffiliationStart DateEnd DateStatus
Committee Name Amended Information
Committee NameUpdated ByUpdated Date
Admin User11/12/2011
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Affiliated Candidate Information
Candidate NameCandidate Committee NameMailing AddressEmailStatus
JUANITA SANDRA BARTLETTBartlett, Sandy Citizens for233 Federalsburg South, Laurel, MD, [email protected]Active
PAMELA GRABOSKI BEIDLEBeidle, Pam Friends ofPO Box 397, Linthicum, MD, [email protected]Active
Mark Soo ChangChang, Mark Citizens To Elect7517 Jacqwill Road, Glen Burnie, MD, [email protected]Active
JULIE K HUMMERHummer, Julie Friends of213 Cherry Hill Lane, Laurel, MD, [email protected]Active
SARAH ANNE FARRAR LACEYLacey, Sarah Friends to ElectP.O. Box 925, Hanover, MD, [email protected]Active
ALLISON MOWERY PICKARDPickard, Allison Friends of1021 Wheatfield Drive, Millersville, MD, [email protected]Active
STEUART LANSING PITTMANPittman, Steuart Friends of440 Dodon Rd., Davidsonville, MD, [email protected]Active
ANDREW CHRISTOPHER PRUSKIPruski, Andrew Friends ofP.O. Box 674, Gambrills, MD, [email protected]Active
MICHAEL JAMES ROGERSRogers, Mike Campaign Committee8613 Indian Spring Rd, Laurel, MD, [email protected]Active
CANDACE C WITHERSPOON ANTWINEWitherspoon Antwine, Candace Friends of2305 Eliza Ct., Apt. 408, Jessup, MD, [email protected]Active
JACQUELINE IRENE ALLSUPAllsup, Jacqueline I., Friends of7370 Anon Lane, Glen Burnie, MD, [email protected]Inactive
Earl W. BarnesBarnes, Earl W. Committee To Elect201 Hawthorne Road, Linthicum, MD, Inactive
Barbara Elizabeth BurdetteBurdette, Barbara Friends Of905 Beyda Harbour, Pasadena, MD, [email protected]Inactive
JAMES EDGAR DEGRANGEDeGrange, James Ed The Friends Of607 Caracle Court, Millersville, MD, [email protected]Inactive
WALTER DAVID DOWDow, Walter Citizens for1850 Statesman Ct., Severn, MD, [email protected]Inactive
Chairperson Information
NameEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
JEREMY PAUL FISHER[email protected]115 Sycamore Road, Linthicum, MD, 21090443-858-642510/25/2017
WALTER DAVID DOW[email protected]1850 Statesman Court, Severn, MD, 2114402/05/200810/25/2017
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Treasurer Information
NameEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
ERNESTO JOSE ZAMORA[email protected]630 Fairmount Rd, Linthicum, MD, 21090555-555-555512/04/2017
JAMES CORNELL THOMAS[email protected]46 Glendale Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD, 2106102/05/200812/04/2017
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Additional Contacts (Optional)
RoleNameMailing AddressPublic PhoneContact PhoneEmailStart DateEnd DateReceive NoticesFor Public
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Documents / Correspondence
Document DateDocument TypeDocument Description
12/31/2018Pre Report Notice(2019 ANNUAL)Pre Report Notice(2019 ANNUAL)
10/31/2018Pre Report Notice(2018 POST-GENERAL GUBERNATORIAL)Pre Report Notice(2018 POST-GENERAL GUBERNATORIAL)
10/22/2018Statement of Organization
10/09/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL2 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL2 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)
09/17/2018Statement of Organization
08/08/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL1 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL1 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)
08/02/2018Statement of Organization
07/13/2018Statement of Organization
07/13/2018Statement of Organization
05/30/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)
05/02/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY1 GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY1 GUBERNATORIAL)
02/11/2018Statement of Organization
01/02/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 ANNUAL)
12/15/2017Statement of Organization
01/03/2017Pre-Report Notice – (2017 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2017 ANNUAL)
Filing Information
Election CycleFiling Period NameFiling MethodReport Due DateOriginal Filed DateAmendment Filed DateUploadedBy
2019-20222019 AnnualAmended Campaign Statement01/16/201901/10/201906/03/2019ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Post-GeneralAmended Campaign Statement11/20/201811/14/201806/03/2019ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-General2 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement10/26/201810/22/2018ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-General1 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement08/28/201808/24/2018ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary2Original Campaign Statement06/15/201806/10/2018ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary1Original Campaign Statement05/22/201805/21/2018ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182018 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/17/201801/16/2018ERNESTO ZAMORA
2015-20182017 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/18/201701/18/2017JAMES THOMAS
2015-20182016 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/20/201601/16/2016JAMES THOMAS
2015-20182015 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/21/201501/21/2015JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Post-GeneralOriginal Campaign Statement11/18/201411/18/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-General2 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement10/24/201410/24/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-General1 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement08/26/201408/26/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary2Original Campaign Statement06/13/201406/13/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary1Original Campaign Statement05/27/201405/27/2014JAMES THOMAS
Filing Period NameReport Due DateFiled DateViolation StatusViolation DateViolation AmountWaived AmountOutstanding BalanceViolations
2012 Annual01/18/201201/19/2012Closed01/19/2012$10.00$0.00$0.00Failure to file
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