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Political Action Committee Information
PAC name: Pro-Life Alliance PAC, Maryland Sponsoring Organization Name:    
Purpose: Other Purpose Description: Pro-Life Group    
CCF ID:   03011118 Status:   Active Established Date:  03/12/2015 End Date:    
Election Participation
Election TypeStart DateEnd DateStatus
Committee Name Amended Information
Committee NameUpdated ByUpdated Date
Maryland Pro-Life Alliance PACMolina Vicki03/26/2015
Maryland Pro-List Alliance PACParran Ebony03/17/2015
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Chairperson Information
NameEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
Patrick McGrady[email protected]46 Paradise Road, Aberdeen, MD, 21001410-357-123401/09/2017
Theodore Austin Patterson[email protected]866 Lombard Road, Rising Sun, MD, 21911410-756-055708/30/201601/09/2017
DIANE E HUSSEY[email protected]P.O. Box 10914, Parkville, MD, 21234000-000-000003/12/201508/30/2016
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Treasurer Information
NameEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
MARISSA NICHOLE CHESSER[email protected]P.O. Box 163, Childs, MD, 21916000-000-000008/28/2018
PATRICK BERNARD KNIESLER[email protected]684 Skyline Way, Westminster, MD, 21157410-596-370903/23/201508/28/2018
David Smith[email protected]7211 Southern Maryland Blvd, Owings, MD, 20736000-000-000003/12/201503/23/2015
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Additional Contacts (Optional)
RoleNameMailing AddressPublic PhoneContact PhoneEmailStart DateEnd DateReceive NoticesFor Public
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Documents / Correspondence
Document DateDocument TypeDocument Description
11/19/2019Email NotificationFYI - New Late Fee Penalties for future reports
12/31/2018Pre Report Notice(2019 ANNUAL)Pre Report Notice(2019 ANNUAL)
10/31/2018Pre Report Notice(2018 POST-GENERAL GUBERNATORIAL)Pre Report Notice(2018 POST-GENERAL GUBERNATORIAL)
10/09/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL2 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL2 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)
08/08/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL1 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-GENERAL1 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)
07/16/2018Late Fee Bill(2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)Late Fee Bill
06/22/2018Fee Running Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)Fee Running Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)
06/22/2018Fee Report Notice(2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)Email Content
06/22/2018Fee Report Notice(2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)System Generated Notice
05/30/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)
05/07/2018Show Cause Letter_1 - (2018 ANNUAL)Show Cause Letter_1 - (2018 ANNUAL)
05/02/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY1 GUBERNATORIAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 PRE-PRIMARY1 GUBERNATORIAL)
03/26/2018Late Fee Bill - (2018 ANNUAL)Late Fee Bill - (2018 ANNUAL)
01/02/2018Pre-Report Notice – (2018 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2018 ANNUAL)
01/09/2017Statement of Organization
Filing Information
Election CycleFiling Period NameFiling MethodReport Due DateOriginal Filed DateAmendment Filed DateUploadedBy
2019-20222019 AnnualAffidavit (ALCE)01/16/201901/14/2019MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Post-GeneralAffidavit (ALCE)11/20/201811/19/2018MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-General2 ReportAmended Campaign Statement10/26/201810/26/201806/18/2019MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-General1 ReportAffidavit (ALCE)08/28/201808/28/2018MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary2Amended Campaign Statement06/15/201806/22/201806/18/2019MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182018 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary1Amended Campaign Statement05/22/201805/22/201806/18/2019MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182018 AnnualAmended Campaign Statement01/17/201801/19/201806/18/2019MARISSA CHESSER
2015-20182017 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/18/201701/14/2017PATRICK KNIESLER
2015-20182016 Presidential Post-GeneralOriginal Campaign Statement11/22/201611/16/2016PATRICK KNIESLER
2015-20182016 Presidential Pre-General2 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement10/28/201610/27/2016PATRICK KNIESLER
2015-20182016 Presidential Pre-General1 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement08/30/201608/28/2016PATRICK KNIESLER
2015-20182016 Presidential Pre-Primary2Amended Campaign Statement04/15/201604/15/201604/27/2016PATRICK KNIESLER
2015-20182016 Presidential Pre-Primary1Original Campaign Statement03/22/201603/22/2016PATRICK KNIESLER
2015-20182016 AnnualAffidavit (ALCE)01/20/201601/20/2016PATRICK KNIESLER
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Filing Period NameReport Due DateFiled DateViolation StatusViolation DateViolation AmountWaived AmountOutstanding BalanceViolations
2018 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary206/15/201806/22/2018Closed06/16/2018$130.00$0.00$0.00Failure to file
2018 Annual01/17/201801/19/2018Closed01/18/2018$20.00$0.00$0.00Failure to file
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